Cogito (Latin) means to be aware, think, consider and plan. Cogitos are planning, marketing and sales awareness consumables designed specifically for your sales staff and customers. Cogitos, Inc. is a leading developer of product awareness materials. Collectively our business development and technical writing team has many years of successful experience working with some of the world’s most respected firms.

With Cogitos you can quickly complement your product launches with industry-leading marketing content and project management resources. Your content will be ready on time and on budget to meet your Go-to-Market and event requirements.

We Understand Your Challenges

Our team has years of experience in sales, marketing, and services delivery. Our founders clearly understand the pressure your organization is under to deliver marketing and solution awareness content and collateral to market on time.

Simply put, Cogitos believes that it shouldn’t be so hard to create the content and collateral that organizations need to successfully land their new market offerings. The simple truth is:

  • Acceptable Time-to-Market timeframes are shrinking

  • Hiring is not keeping pace with content production demands

  • Budgets are constrained

We Deliver the Scale you Need when Time, Budget, and Resources are Constrained...

Untangle yourself from the complexity and overhead of traditional “Agencies”

To keep your costs down and deliver scale where you really need it, Cogitos focuses on content and collateral excellence and delivery only.  Unlike Agencies, we do not provide end to end branding and consulting services nor the large overhead that comes along with these service providers.

We are not interested loading up your projects with resources nor expanding the scope of your projects.  Rather, we typically engage with your team from the planning phase through the successful delivery of initial ‘Lighthouse’ wins, then disengage until a new solution opportunity arises.  What you are left with are quality materials to leverage internally as you mature your solutions.

We Deliver on your End-to-end Go-To-Market (GTM) Needs

Awareness Content and Collateral Across the GTM Process

Our marketing content is targeted at services, technical solutions, and physical products that are new to the global economy. We can also develop full GTM plans, develop a complete set of the awareness documents needed to successfully market, sell and deliver solutions to enterprise operations world-wide.