Elevator Pitch

The goal of an Elevator Pitch is to quickly communicate salient points about a product or service to drive potential business opportunities. The Elevator Pitch delivers a clear statement in the time span of an elevator ride, or under two minutes. The intent is to enable a deeper conversation, e.g., a scheduled meeting or conversation at a later time.

Value Proposition

A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered, communicated, and acknowledged. It is a clear statement to a customer about how measurable and demonstrable value or benefits will be delivered, acquired and experienced. It should convince consumers that your product delivers more value than other products on the market.

Battle Card

Battle Cards equip a sales force with the tools needed to win sales over your primary competitors. They educate your sales staff on competitive products, enable reps to set or avoid traps in the minds of prospective buyers, differentiate your offering and help overcome objections. Typical Battle Cards include information about recent wins, sales process info, competitors’ product’s strengths and weaknesses, target customer evaluation criteria, comparative statistics, credibility statements such as customer and analyst quotes, pricing, return on investment, total cost of ownership calculations and any other information that can drive sales wins.

Pitch Deck

A Pitch Deck is a relatively brief presentation used to provide an audience with an overview of your solution or product to drive awareness. Pitch Decks are used during face-to-face or online meetings with potential customers or investors. While the topics may vary depending on the audience, Pitch Decks generally include an introduction for you and the topic, a team overview, a definition of the problem your product solves, the advantages and differentiators of your product, a summary outlining how you solve the problem, information regarding how to buy or sell the product and clear contact information.

Customer-Ready Presentation

A Customer-Ready Deck includes all of the elements of a Pitch Deck and adds information that is of most interest to a specific customer or group of customers. Typically there is a full business case discussion followed by the technical aspects of the problem to be solved. It is intended to cover all areas that will result in a successful purchase by decision makers.

Leave Behind

A Leave Behind is a document to be left behind with a potential client after a meeting or to be sent out after a conversation. Leave behinds are designed to impress the potential customer with the value of your product, help them champion your product over competitors and define clear the next steps needed to complete a sale. A Leave Behind is an important reminder of who you are and how you can help a customer. A good leave behind may be something a customer holds onto for a long period of time and clearly defines the next steps needed to complete a sale.